Speaking Paper

English for Medical Purposes

Topics for Spontaneous Introductory Conversation


25% of the time prescribed for the individual skills levels

The procedure of accomplishing the task:

The examiner initiates a spontaneous conversation with the candidate touching upon two of the given topics, during which the examiner asks questions requiring exposition. During the conversation, the examiner creates a situation which encourages the candidate to produce spontaneous replies. Traits in which the manner of speech is assessed include spontaneity of communication, lexical skills and the level of development of grammatical accuracy.


Assessment of introductory spontaneous conversation at levels B1, B2 and C1


  1. Choice of profession and specialization
  2. Research field
  3. Topic of thesis/ dissertation
  4. Prevention
  5. Daily professional routine
  6. Difficulties of the profession today
  7. Developments within the profession
  8. Healthy lifestyle
  9. Future plans and prospects for the field
  10. Role of foreign languages in the profession
  11. Importance of professional experience abroad
  12. Traditional medicine vs. alternative medicine