Information on PROFEX Language Exam for Medical Purposes

PROFEX is a state-recognized and bilingual language exam for Medical Purposes, which presently, is available at three levels in English and German.

In being state-recognized, those possessing the PROFEX exam certificate possess the same prerogatives and advantages as those having taken other state-recognized language exams for General or Specific Purposes. The most important certificates include increasing the score points at entrance exams to higher education institutions, fulfilling the requirements for graduation from higher education institutions and the eligibility for language allowance.

When establishing the three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced), the exam developers followed the Hungarian traditions, yet, at the same time, they considered the recommendations of the European Council related to language proficiency, thus fulfilling the requirements for state recognition. The requirements for basic, intermediate and advanced proficiency are uniformly determined and can well be separated, irrespective of the language of the exam.

On the one hand, being bilingual infers that the exam was developed considering the requirements, needs and aims of language learning of Hungarian language learners and candidates, the majority of whose L1 is Hungarian, with special focus on linguistic characteristics. On the other hand, mediation (translating skills) is assessed at all three levels of the exam. The aim is not only to emphasize that translation, which, again, is becoming increasingly more popular, is a supportive element in preparation for the exam. An additional aim is that PROFEX can contribute to the maintenance of Hungarian for Medical Purposes with its specific assets and facilities; since the accomplishment of a translation task requires an appropriate level of proficiency in both languages for Medical Purposes.